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Thriving in the digital future requires full focus. We blend core technical expertise with an innate grasp of business processes to create outstanding campaigns and solutions for you.


About Us

About Byton Byte

Byton Byte Marketing is a fully integrated digital marketing agency.

We build brands by creating a well-rounded experience to meet your goals.

We build a purposeful,connected and targeted digital presence that grows businesses and help create lasting impressions.

Our team consists of people with various expertise and interests, with a great number of projectsbehind us. Along with those projects comes great experience and knowledge in the field of internet marketing, programming, design, content creation and public relations.



Social Media Marketing

Today’s communication s unthinkable without social media.

If you told someone 15 years ago that they will willingly share information about themselves on a platform where everyone can see them, they would have called you crazy. We provide data-driven solutions to help grow your revenue online by using in-depth digital strategies that work and campaign optimisation focused on business and brand growth. Our customer-centric approach is transparent, cost-effective and innovative.

Digital Strategy

Each customer you lose is one they gain.

We help businesses stay relevant and keep up with digital transformation to capitalise on new markets and opportunities. In marketing, time lost is compounded as your competitors can move ahead of you. Each customer you lose is one they gain. That’s why it’s important to reach them FAST! We combine the use of data, creativity, experience and psychology to ensure that we deliver optimal results for businesses.

Media & Data Analysis

Digital marketing is a biosphere of data

Digital marketing is a biosphere of data that is the building blocks for finding, understanding and connecting with your audience online. If you need to boost your search rankings, improve sales and traffic on your website – we’re here to help. We can help provide data driven solutions that help you to convert more passive visitors into active users that engage with your content and take steps in making a purchasing decision.


What We Do

Maximize Online Exposure.

Generate more engagements and dynamically increase exposure on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

Perfect Audience Targeting

Analyze your niche market to understand your target customers and their online behaviour.

Connect With New Customers

Boost brand awareness and find new prospects for your business.

Improve Profit Margin

Showcase your products and services to unlimited number of prospects across locations with perfectly optimized campaigns.


Our Services
Diversity is more than just talk

Why Us

We go back to what made your brand great in the first place, peeling back layers of years of overthinking. Most brands were founded for very pure, human reason – to solve a problem. And over the years, rounds and rounds of people get their hands on them and it gets further from the original why. We examine the why and we contemporize it and make it relevant again.

It is a commitment, a process and about taking action over empty promises. We pride ourselves on a young, dynamic and diverse team that is committed to making moves and providing a variety of creative content tailored to you. We’re not there yet, but we’re growing, building and making ourselves better. A better company, a better brand, a better future.


Identify and optimise your services
Map out the processes
Gather your data
Automate the process
Encourage system implementation and analysis
Continue optimising the workflow


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We’re an ever-expanding agency on the look out for fresh new talent to join our team. If the force is strong in you, do contact us for in-house and freelance opportunities.

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